Erotic massage Bucharest – top salons in town

In Bucharest erotic massage services are very popular. Many people apply for this type of services to solve the lack of tenderness and eroticism.

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Usually people have a wrong impression, thinking that this service involves sexual contact, but in reality both the masseuse and the client are prohibited from offering, receiving and demand comprehensive sexual services. Before embarking on this kind of services you should know that you will not get sex but you get privacy, relaxation, erotic massage and completions techniques that do not include sex.

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When you arrive at a massage parlor you will be greeted by beautiful masseuses dressed in sexy gowns, dresses, lingerie or swimwear.

You have to choose the masseuse that you most like by attitude, physics, smile, each one of you according to personal criteria. Then, once chosen the masseuse you should decide on the type of massage you want.

You can choose between Swedish massage, Thai massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, massage in whirlpool, four hands massage, couples massage, swing, erotic massage or lingam massage. Besides all this, according to your fantasies and available masseuses, they can meet up your fantasies of domination verbal or physical and other fetish. After choosing the desired masseuse in the room she will give up her clothes and she will remain nude, all nude she will execute all types of massage above mentioned. If you do not want nudity please specify this.

Erotic massage and lingam massage are types of massage made by a masseuse with her whole body. The breasts, bottom, thighs, legs, hands, with feet flat on the customer’s genital area.

On the site you can see the ladies available every time with a photo gallery with real pictures, a few words of description, age, experience, services and massage techniques performed by each one. All you have to do is choose the desired combination.

Our massage salons provides professional, high quality services since 2000. Among our clients there are politicians, businessmen, tourists and local people with above average incomes, all of whom agree that we are a five-star brand.

All masseuses are qualified for therapeutic and relaxation massages, are lawfully employed and own medical tests to date. Besides legality and safety we have made sure that each of the 30 girls to be beautiful but in a different way so that each of the clients retrieve ideal masseuse.

The lounges are decorated in oriental style, each room represents a a different area, each one is handmade by an interior designer. The colors, the music, the details,the materials are carefully chosen to create a state of relaxation. Everything is sanitized after each client so that you can relax without a care. Each parlor of the three that we have is centrally located in Bucharest, in elegant villas with own parking, air conditioning and approvals from state institutions.

If you want to benefit from relaxing or erotic massage in the comfort of your home or in your hotel room, you can choose desired masseuse from the gallery, make an appointment and the chosen masseuse will reach you within 30 minutes or at the appointed time . When it has reached the masseuse will have a badge and the invoice and of course the goods needed for massage. All you have to do, if you want, is to open a champagne bottle, choose some beautiful music and take a shower. Showering you can also do when the girls is arrived, together with it.

If you have not experienced before an erotic massage or a relaxing massage performed by a beautiful nude masseuse, if you want to see another joy of life we recommend you to visit our salons and to schedule a meeting.

Will be more than massage. It will be a unique experience, an adventure!

Improving Sex For Couples – Learn to Be Creative

Everywhere you look online today there are hundreds of people asking for ways at improving sex for couples. My guess is that some people just don’t know where to start when it comes to looking for ways to spice up their sex lives. One of easiest ways to kick start your sex life is to use your imagination and get creative.

Sit back and think about what turns you on, talk to your partner to learn more about what really turns them on and then put on that thinking cap. Improving sex for couples is actually one the easier things you can do in your relationship yet sadly it seems to be one of the most neglected aspects for couples. It is no wonder that so many complain about mundane sex.

If you are someone who struggles with creativity but would love new ways for improving sex for couples then consider the following:

  • Change Up Foreplay: Use ice or something cold to touch your partners body, then slowly go over that area with your warm tongue. Explore the whole body and then have your partner do the same thing to you. Try adding blindfold into the mix so your partner never knows where the cool shock will come from. This is an excellent method of foreplay and great at improving sex for couples. You will be pleasantly surprised how much more aware you become of each others bodies and how much closer you become.
  • Sex Toys: Toys are wonderful for improving sex for couples. Research and learn about them together, make your purchases and spend time discovering a whole other side of sex that will drive the two of you wild.
  • Adult Films: Watching an adult movie together is a great way to help you get in the mood. Be open to what interests both partners and consider watching a feature adult movie if it is your first time doing this. Keep the remote handy to speed by anything you may not like and consider acting out some scenes together.
  • Try New Positions: This is the easiest way at improving sex for couples. There are hundreds of different positions to try and you will be amazed at how something as simple as trying different positions can really spice up a lovemaking session

The key to improving sex for couples and having a better sex life is to learn and try as many new things as possible. Nobody wishes for a routine sex life that offers the same thing time and time again. Hopefully this helps those who are looking for some new ideas to spice things up.

Improving sex for couples is just a click away! Take the time and visit where you will discover some amazing sex guides, toys, adult movies and much more. Start your healthy sex lifestyle today and turn your dreams of a fantastic sex life into a reality.

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Sex Techniques For Couples-3 Tips For Building a Better Orgasm

Find someone on this planet who would not be interested in some sex techniques for couples that will help people have a better orgasm. Now there are many people in the world who would to just have an orgasm let alone make them even better but for those who are looking for a few techniques for couples that will help with making orgasms better, read on.

First off, if you are trying to change/improve your sex life in order to meet someone else’s expectations then good luck, you will not get very far. On the other hand if you are interested in having better orgasms due to personal curiosity and desire than these sex techniques for couples may help you out.

Also understand that while these may be called sex techniques for couples, you do need to do some work on your own. Understanding your own body and being able to explain this to your partner is huge in helping both of you have the best sex possible.

Here are three simple tips to help you build a better orgasm:

  1. Use Your Whole Body: When people orgasm, muscles are used throughout the body but during sexual arousal and especially when we orgasm we unintentionally isolate parts of our body. One of the sex techniques for couples to help build bigger orgasms is to start putting your whole body into the act, including your muscles. Take note of what parts of your body feel tight and tense and force them to relax before, during and after your orgasm. If only one part of your body gets tense then make yourself tense up another part and see how it feels during an orgasms. The key to these sex techniques for couples is mix and match your tension and relaxation and keep practicing until you get the best feeling.
  2. Incorporate Sex Toys: Most people don’t realize that sex toys are the easiest and quickest way to achieve orgasm, this is especially true with vibrators. The kinds of orgasms experienced with toys are very different from those achieved without toys. Obviously toys are not required for sex but with the wide variety of toys available today they can really help you have bigger orgasms and offer some wonderful sex techniques for couples
  3. Breathe: Of course you need to breathe in order to have sex but changing your breathing patterns are some of the easiest sex techniques for couples to try when it comes to orgasms. Pay attention to the way you breathe when you have an orgasm and then experiment with it. Some find slower, longer deep breathing at the point of orgasm can lead to a heightened awareness of their orgasm in other parts of their bodies. If you are already a deep breather then try short, quick breaths, just don’t hyperventilate!

If you are looking for some new sex techniques for couples then try the above and see if you can’t make having an orgasm an entire body experience. Take your time, explore and expand upon these sex techniques for couples.

Expand your sexual horizons by learning more sex techniques for couples. Take the time and visit where you will find some great sex guides, toys, information on different positions and much more! Everything you need to make your sex life more exciting is just a click away!

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Sex Ideas For Couples – Tips on Choosing Your First Sex Toy

If you are looking for some new sex ideas for couples, I would highly suggest bringing sex toys into the mix. Sex toys can lead to a whole new world of sexual discovery and are a perfect way to spice up things between the sheets. If you don’t own any sex toys this article will help making that first purchase a little easier.

Before putting these great sex ideas for couples into play there are a few things to consider, think about and discuss with your partner before spending your hard earned money.

  1. Research: This may sound like an obvious tip but when I say research I mean that I want you to think about what kind of stimulation you are looking for. The best way to do this is through self pleasure. This really is the best way to figure out how you enjoy stimulation and will really help you narrow down your choices. If you want these sex ideas for couples to work you have to be comfortable with self pleasure, if you are not then a sex toy will not help change that problem, you will need to start that on your own
  2. Uses: Do you plan on using the sex toy by yourself so you can better explain to your partner how to stimulate you or is this something you want both of you to enjoy? This is a very important question to ask as sex toys are not designed for individual people but some are designed more for those looking for solo or partner play. Some couples use their own toys together and others prefer to meet in the middle and get one toy that both can use. The decision is up to you but it is worth considering and discussing so that you both get the most out of your purchase
  3. Money: How much do you want to spend on these sex ideas for couples? This is worth discussing, regardless of today’s economic situation, because if you go and spend $200 on a sex toy it does not mean you will get better pleasure. A cheaper toy can be just as much fun as a high end toy, it just more than likely won’t last as long. I suggest you start with cheaper toys until you discover what you really like and then invest in a higher end toy. The higher end toys usually have better designs and are more durable but there is nothing worse than dropping big bucks for something you end up never using

Hopefully after reading this article you will feel more confident at introducing sex toys into your sex life. They really are some of the best sex ideas for couples looking to spice things up.

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Fun Sex Games For Couples – Dress Up Time

Looking for some fun sex games for couples that will add a little heat to your relationship? Perhaps things have become a little dull in between the sheets and you are looking to bring some excitement back into the mix. Whatever the case may be, learning and playing a few fun sex games for couples can be a great way to kick start your sex life.

One of the easiest fun sex games for couples that you can play is a dress up sex game. That’s right, dress up! No longer is this just for kids. Playing a dress up sex games is simple and great at turning up the arousal factor.

There are many situations that you can use dressing up as a fun sex game for couples. Some of the most common scenarios are:

  1. Stripper/Client: Discuss with your partner who will be the stripper and who will be the customer. Women will need makeup, sexy lingerie or low cut somewhat exposing clothing, heels or sexy boots or whatever else she wants. Guys will want to wear tight t-shirts and jeans and a pair of sexy undies. Do some research to see what male or female strippers look like and use that as a starting point. Whoever is being the customer should dress up as a high end business person so wear a suit and carry a briefcase.
  2. Doctor/Patient or Nurse/Patient: Probably one of the most common dress up fun sex games for couples and for a good reason! Decide who will be who and ensure that you get a doctor’s or nurse’s uniform. Adding some props like a stethoscope, reflex hammer, etc are a great addition. Perform a full, slow examination of the patient and take things from there.
  3. Teacher/Student This dress up sex games is a favorite of many. Most prefer the man to be the teacher and the woman to be the student but feel free to switch things around. Most men love women in a school girl outfit, the short skit, tight button up top, knee high stocking, perhaps even pigtails. Have the teacher keep the student after school and decide how to go from there

Next time you find your sex life falling into a bit of a rut, consider dressing up and playing some fun sex games for couples. You will be glad you did. Remember that having a great sex life is about being open, creative and sometimes means stepping a bit out of your comfort zone. All this will help expand your sexual horizons and will lead to a more satisfying sex life.

Start down the path to a more exciting sex life today. Discover more fun sex games for couples and other great ways of expanding your sexual horizons. Take the time and visit where you will find some great sex guides, fun sex games, adult toys, adult movies and much more. Turn your sex life into what you always dreamed about.

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Ways to Introduce Your Partner to Sex Toys

Many people talk about sex toys, some just snicker, some even scoff, while others thoroughly enjoy them. There are some amazing sex toys on the market for men and women. Maybe you feel ashamed or dirty just thinking about masturbation. There’s no law that says you need to have sex alone; you can share your toys. Besides, didn’t your mother always tell you to share your toys? Sharing sex toys with your partner, experimenting, and learning about what pleasures you most is exciting.

Sometimes people that already use vibrators would like to use them with their partners, but are afraid their partner would be offended. Or, there may be others that tried to share their toys with a partner, but received negative reactions. Still others would love to experience them, but are too embarrassed to shop for one.

Still, it’s doubtful that most people would deny that sex toys don’t feel good! Sex aids can set the stage to spice up your love life and bring excitement to the bedroom. It’s doubtful, that anyone would dispute that orgasms feel fabulous! And, sex toys might help you have better, more powerful and intense orgasms.

Sometimes, couples get bored with their sex life, at some point in their relationship. Adding enhancement toys can bring fun back into the bedroom. Sharing new sexual experiences and incorporating new things to experience together, can offer different intimate sharing. Watching your partner’s expressions or responses while using a toy can be extremely stimulating.

Some women have difficulty reaching orgasm without clitoral stimulation, which can be difficult to do during intercourse. And, some men have problems maintaining erections for as long as they’d like. Sex toys might be the answer to both these concerns.

Perhaps these reasons are enough to justify adding sex enhancers to your playtime. But, even though many propose they are open-minded and adventurous, they might be unreceptive to trying new things, such as sex toys. Sometimes, the best course to take is to discuss your feelings and desires with your partner. Maybe a bit of reassurance and convincing would be all it takes to begin a new chapter in your loving relationship.

Many people are fearful about using with vibrators or other sexual aids. Sometimes people misconstrue playtime and fantasy. They might think you’re insinuating they are inadequate. Most likely, you won’t know your partner’s feelings or reservations about these things until you open the discussion with him or her.

Some people think only perverts, sluts, or freaks use sex toys. And, yes, perverts, sluts, and freaks use them, but so do doctors, lawyers, secretaries, housewives, accountants, and other professionals. They don’t make you weird; they just make you orgasm.

Mostly, sex toys are used in solo-sex, but are just as much fun when shared with a partner. Sex toys do not mean there’s something wrong with your relationship. In fact, using sex toys can actually strengthen your relationship, and add fun to your playtime. Sometimes a partner might believe the sex toy may replace them, or that you prefer the toys over them. While it is undeniable that a vibrating penis that brings you to orgasm every time, is not enjoyable, does not indicate you desire your partner less. And, sex toys do not provide everything. For instance, you can’t cuddle or feel connected to a vibrator when the playtime is over. When the experience of sexual release is finished with the vibrator, it’s over and done. Always reassure your partner that nothing can replace the tenderness and intimacy shared between two people.

Another concern about sex toys is that some people might think their ability to orgasm with a partner may be diminished. Although, intense orgasms can be experienced with the toys, they cannot take the place of a real person. People have used their fingers and hands to masturbate since they were young, however most still prefer partner sex versus solo sex.

If your lover cannot accept usage of a sex toy during sexual playtime, don’t force your partner. Assure him or her that you don’t ‘need’ a toy, but that you’re curious and would like to experiment with them. Intimacy is to be enjoyed. And, respect for each other is very important.

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